02 September 2014
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Nora Danish says not having an intimate relationship with minister's son

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Photos of actress Nora Danish with Tourism Minister’s son Mohamad Nedim Nazri Aziz, which were uploaded on Instagram recently, have fuelled speculation that they are dating, reported Berita Harian’s entertainment pullout, BH Hip.

However, Nora said that although they had known each other for more than six years, she was not having an intimate relationship with Nedim.

She said she was not ready to commit to having another man in her life for now, although Nedim had all the criteria of the man of her dreams.

“Looking at other celebrities who got married twice, I do not rule out the possibility of getting married again and he is one of the possible candidates,” she said.

She explained that she was more careful in getting into a relationship and was getting tired of all the gossip about her supposed relationships.

“He (Nedim) is not the first guy. Previously it was Noh Hujan, Adi Putra and many more. Since I got divorced, I do not have anyone special in my life,” she said.

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